Gifts for Strangers

Our friends from are ”improvising” a beautiful story about Kindness Prints which will take place in Bucharest Saturday, 21st of December, from 7 pm.

The event ”Gifts for Strangers” is an invitation to make little gifts to strangers on the street. You can choose to offer books, sweets, fruits, little things you don’t need anymore (but others might use it), things made by you, Christmas decorations. The gifts shouldn’t be expensive, but offered with warm heart and kind intent.

Make sure you attach to your gift a note/postcard with a personal, kind message, and the greeting “Happy holidays! From a stranger, to another”.

Join the group on Saturday evening, 21st December, from 7 pm, in Bucharest, from University Square to Unirii Square, or in any other town around the world.

Spread the good. Be kind!  Find more here.

We have launched the website :)

We want the ” Kindness print” to remind us how easy it is to do kind gestures  for others and to get us mobilized to do it.  The, by seeing the wonderful reaction of those around and feeling the happiness that a beautiful gesture you’ve done gives you , to continue to do good deeds.