A nice gesture or a kind one?

“Surely, I was a witness to kindness moments, but the short story that I remember now is more part from the “nice gestures” category”.

It was an autumn day, around 9 am when the rain already stopped one hour ago and I was at the crossroad in Titan. Which, as usual, got enriched with quite big puddles close to the sidewalk, but not very deep…”
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Thank you, Dragos!

A story for the travellers with a purpose

“My name is Paul. I’m studying social work and I’m doing my internship in Romania. From the start I met very much wonderful people. I’m staying with a family and they have cooked a lot of delicious food for me. And when I need help with something I can always count on them. This warm and positive reception has made my journey very enjoyable.
Not only at my host I had some beautiful experiences but at my internship I have met exciting people that did much for me. When I have any trouble I can always express my feelings and worries to them. This is something that I appreciate much because I know I can trust and relly on these people. This is not only a good a thing for my professional development but this way I build new friendships.
Everyone I have met so far in Romania has taken me to their own places of preference so I can understand and experience the Romanian culture.”

Thank you for your story, Paul!