3 brave messengers

Before my arrival in Germany, I was trying to understand better the local community here, by writing a post on the CouchSurfing forum. I was looking for a place to stay. There were 3 people that answered to me: Jonas, Jochen and Veronika. I want to write about them now. This was the compromise I had to make so I can write the story: to include them all, otherwise I can’t write.


Jonas. Before arriving in Germany, we corresponded a lot and somehow felt closer to the people here, I felt that I am getting to know a bit the places etc. He helped me to get “integrated”, although he had no idea who I was, how I look, whether I plan to rob him when I will see him, whether I might somehow be trying to find information to use afterwards with other purposes etc. I believe that this trust that you have in an unknown person- this trust is so important! With Jonas I went out in the city the 3rd day after my arrival- it was then wen we met the first time. Now, after 4 months, he is still a very good friend, a really dear person to me.

Jochen. I called Jochen, to invite him for a drink – as a thank you for his answer on CouchSurfing. And he showed me the city. He proposed that we go and have breakfast together, in a special place- a hotel of alternative arts, somehow. He bought me a drink , because I was actually his guest. Then he showed me every little corner from Wuppertal, the city where I had just landed. We drove for about 4 hours with the car, up and down, from the west to the east. He spent so much time with me although he had no idea whether I was a person who deserves this. And now, after 4 months, he is still a very good friend and everytime a pleasure to meet him.

Veronika. She was simply incredible. As an answer to my question about how to find a place where to live, she said to come to her place. And that I won’t pay rent chirie, that we will share just the expenses. She didn’t know anything about me, except the fact that I was worried that I have no place where to stay and the first thing that came to her mind was to invite me to her house. It still seems incredible. And now, after 4 months, I live with the and this week-end we are having a Romanian evening, because, she, as I, enjoys to  share food with the others.

Thank you, Dana!