We encourage you to leave your Kindness print:

  • by using the facebook page, where we post daily impulses to kindness and proofs about the positive effects of the acts of kindness.
  • through the ”off-line” actions – going out in the world, in the street, in a park and in other public places, taking people by surprise with beautiful gestures (notes with optimistic messages for example).
  • through the “Kindness stories”  – an invitation to everyone to pay attention to the beautiful gestures around them and to share them with us. We want this way to orient the attention towards goods things that take place in our lives, but which many have grown out of the habit of noticing them.

Following the saying ” Remember the good that you received”, we invite you write to us about the kind people you have met, about the good that was done to you and about the good deeds you witnessed. You can send your kindness stories at