The idea

Many of us sincerely want the world to be better, that people are more cheerful and nature better protected, but we feel helpless faced with such great wishes.

We believe in the powerful effect of small acts. Small acts attract big deeds, strong emotions and the power to make profound changes. We believe we all have the extraordinary capacity to change the world patiently and with an open attitude towards the others.

We have many ways through which we can leave our kindness print daily. We can start with a smile addressed to us in the mirror and then kindly offered to everyone we meet. We can open a door for someone, we can make a present, we can give a flower, we can thank from all our heart, we can compliment or tell a joke. We can invite our friends for dinner, offer a book, gather a package from the sidewalk and throw it to the garbage bin, help someone in need. There are many ideas for kindness prints everywhere around us. We are permanently given the opportunity to be kind, we just need to dare to leave our kindness print more often.

People will surely not be indifferent to the beautiful gestures, done from the heart, with a smile on our lips. Some will be surprised, some will get thinking and some will start leaving their own kindness print. Based on the ”pay it forward” principle.

Last, but not least, we want to gather as many as possible kindness prints noticed around us, to make a collection of beautiful deeds and gestures. For this, we want to find out as many kindness prints stories as possible that you noticed around you or beautiful gestures that were offered to you.

Who wants to contribute to our initiative can send the story about kindness prints at

You are welcome on, to become friends and share impulses to more kindness prints.