kindness is

Why should we be kind?

Kindness is the best investment we could do. A time investment, emotion and attention from which everyone gains – both those that benefit from the acts of kindness, but especially those that make the kindness gestures.

Of course that we should not leave our kindness print taking into account a possible gain from what we have done, but it would be alright to have into account some of the benefits of a kindness attitude:

1. Kindness makes us happy

When you are kind and you leave your kindness print on someone, you feel good. You feel that kindness is a natural way of behaving and of living. Medicine brings its explaining about the sensation of spiritual satisfaction that kindness gives. Known as the “euphoria of the one that helps”, this state of feeling good takes place as a consequence of  the chemical processes that happen in our brain when we do good. To be precise, the brain reacts to the kind gestures, letting loose the dopamine, the “happiness hormone”.

2. Kindness keeps our heart healthy

Usually, the acts of kindness are motivated  and accompanied by pleasant emotions, that produce, in their turn, the release of oxytocin in the brain, another hormone that acts in a positive way, including on the cardiovascular system, reducing the tension in the arteries and protecting the heart.

3. Kindness slows down the process of aging

The same hormone good for the heart (literally) has the effect of reducing the level of free radicals from the body and the inflammations that can show up at the level of the cardiovascular system, contributing, thus, to the aging process of the organism.

4. Kindness helps us to cultivate harmonious relationships

Who doesn’t like kind people, that are not reluctant to help? Kindness has the gift of reducing the emotional distance between people, making them to feel bonded, close. We are all interconnected due to the capacity of being kind to each other.

Although one of the most well known evolutionist ideas is connected to the idea of the survival of the fittest, more adaptable and more selfish, Charles Darwin noticed that the evolution of the human kind is due to, in fact, kindness and cooperation. A strong emotional bond in a group enhances significantly the chances of survival of the group; we can affirm that the kindness gene has long earned  its’ place in the human genome.

5. Kindness is contagious

When we are kind, we encourage others to be kind, through our actions. Kindness creates a domino effect, engaging new acts of kindness and urging others more and more people to leave their kindness prints. Embracing thus an attitude which is open to kindnedd, any person can open a long line of deeds and gestures of kindness, bringing its huge contribution to the nurturing of a better world through each kindness print.