Any beautiful gesture, done with care and openhearted, any brave and right gesture gets transformed into your kindness print.

Daily we have infinite occasions to put our kindness print, but if you feel at one point the need of inspiration, here is a list with beautiful gestures you can do, leaving your kindness print:

  • Make a present,
  • Smile to a stranger,
  • Call a dear person,
  • Donate clothes you do not wear anymore,
  • Pick up a package and throw it to the waste bin,
  • Offer as a gift a book,
  • Open the door for someone at the shop,
  • Offer to a person your help to carry heavy luggage,
  • Give way in the bus,
  • Get involved in a volunteering activity,
  • Teach someone something that you know how to do,
  • Cook for your friends,
  • Make a coffee or a tea for a work colleague,
  • Surprise someone dear,
  • Give way at the counter to the person behind you, when you are in a store,
  • Make someone laugh,
  • Give clues to a lost person (even if you are in a hurry).
  • Make a funny joke,
  • Compliment someone,
  • Help someone to carry something heavy for them,
  • Help a person to gather their groceries that fell on the floor,
  • Leave thank you notes – at home, at work, at the counter, at the restaurant,
  • Visit your grandparents or other older relatives,
  • Share a meal with a colleague or a friend,
  • Buy something for the person that is begging in front of the supermarket,
  • When you are with your car, let the other one pass(when you don’t have to),
  • Smile to your neighbor in the traffic jam.

The list can be continued with lots of beautiful gestures and acts of kindness!
Help us to fill in the list with your ides of kindness prints. Write to us at